What’s in a name?

It is 5:30 on a most glorious Sunday morning. Two turtledoves are basking in the rays of the November sun. It is quiet in this privileged neighbourhood where I live here in the friendly city. Only the chirr-chirr, tweet-tweet, who-who-whoo-who and ha-ha –ha, of the different bird species break the silence. It is peaceful this … Continue reading What’s in a name?


Chasing the wind

It is Saturday and life hasn’t started yet this morning as I sit at the picnic table in my garden. The only sounds I hear are the rustle of the leaves in the wind and in the distance, some birds coo-ing. It is like I am out on a farm in the Karoo or somewhere … Continue reading Chasing the wind

One day at a state hospital…

This was my first assignment for my feature writing online course. I had to write about an interesting locale. The following story was the result. It was a long, slow and tedious process getting from the reception desk of the eye clinic, a blue hatch in a green wall, at 7 in the morning! Just … Continue reading One day at a state hospital…

The serious side of funny – Donavon Christians

You sit and laugh till the tears roll down you cheeks, and your stomach hurts and your toes curl up with sheer pleasure. The comedian has you totally mesmerised with vivid stories of people very much like those you have come across in the course of your own life. His description of those characters in … Continue reading The serious side of funny – Donavon Christians

Pursue your dream!

Most people are living each day looking forward to the end of that day. When Monday arrives they wish it was weekend again. Sounds terribly boring ain't it? Most children have dreams of becoming... singers, actors, firemen, policemen or whatever else they want to become. As they grow older their peers put pressure on them … Continue reading Pursue your dream!